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The dark-skinned citizens of South Africa could attribute their misfortune due to the state of politics in South Africa, where prejudice against dark skinned people ran as rampant as disease and poverty.

Due to politics working against dark-skinned people beginning three years after South Africa gained its independence, apartheid was established and fought for by racists and against by activists until it was ended in 1991....

For without a defined sense of unity, a society is likely to crumble.

Unfortunately, as seen throughout history, civilization has often made it their mission to seek out the differences in one another instead of accepting them.

Education is a curse to tradition because it makes us question things. I know I had an aunt who was a sangoma but in my house she was as good as taboo. I am not that naïve towards my own culture like other people are so I immediately made the phone call.

She was my mother sister, not even adopted but we were not allowed to talk about her.

In many ways, Avalon is associated with a history of defiance and struggle.

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Non-whites - including blacks, Indians, and people of color in general- were prohibited from engaging in any activities specific to whites and prohibited from engaging in interracial marriages, receiving higher education, and obtaining certain jobs.Located in the south-western corner of Soweto, the cemetery spans 172 hectares and holds graves of more than 300 000 people.Contents Town & regional planning in Johannesburg Residential development in Johannesburg Black residential development in Johannesburg Johannesburg Institutional sector Town & regional planning in Johannesburg Central Business District Within months of its establishment, Johannesburg experienced a surge of building activity, and by 1898 the present fabric of the city centre had already been defined.Most office and financial activity became located south of Market Square, bringing together banks, broker’s offices, auctioneers, and other financial institutions.Click on image to enlarge Pritchard and Eloff Streets had already entrenched themselves as the town’s main shopping areas, stretching from the centre to the more fashionable residential suburbs of that time.“In every relationship if ever a moment comes where you find yourself asking yourself if you deserve better from your partner usually you probably do.